Why we exist?

Vijana Reloaded is a social enterprise with the purpose to empower youth in boosting their income, productivity and contribution to socio-economic development in rural Kenya through entrepreneurship that leverages on ICT applications and the agri-business sector.

We target to have reached 600,000 talented young people by 2024.  

How we succeed?

Vijana Reloaded coaches rural youth (18-28) in creating succesful business or creating fresh entrepreneurial solutions to challenges of existing companies and government bodies. Our methodology is market-driven, question-driven, agri-focussed and ICT-enabled. We are enterpreneurs ourselves, constantly improving our value and services for our customers. 

What we offer?

Vijana Reloaded offers

  1. Rural top talents between 18-28 years old a 6-months "make it happen" traineeship
  2. Companies and government bodies the brain power of our trainees  to develop entrepreneurial solutions to real challenges 
  3. Investors and financiers the first opportunity to finance new social to finance new social businesses of Vijana Reloaded graduates.

Vijana Reloaded embraces co-creation

Vijana Reloaded embraces all ideas, resources and relationships of fellow organisations who share the purpose to empower the rural youth in Kenya. Our latest co-creation with 37 stakeholders was the 3-days bootcamp held in September 2014 in Kisumu.  

Check out the video: 


Vijana Reloaded is an initiative of ICS and ProPortion in partnership with Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology University, Nailab and Kakamega ICT association.

By initiating and realizing market-oriented solutions in rural areas of Africa and Asia ICS creates sustainable social and economic change that contributes to the welfare of communities.
More info: www.ics.nl

ProPortion seeks a world with a fair proportion & distribution of wealth & wellness.
We believe a social responsible private sector can be a great driver in achieving this, through including the poor in their business; as consumers, producers, micro-entrepreneurs.

ProPortion has emerged out of a design company. The fact that designers have the power to visualise ideas and solutions makes it very effective in communicating about solutions and creating engagement to realize social business. More info: www.proportionenterprise.com