Protein is the critical functional substance that forms the exterior layer of your hair, nails, and cuticles.

As you already fully understand, keratin is a group of spongy protein molecules. Keratin benefits include that helps make hair healthy and shiny. Keratin therapy is a synthetic procedure in which beauty professionals use collagen to coat hairline and make hair polished and flawless. To decide better, we need to look into the pros and cons of keratin treatment.

Keratin Treatment

Forms of Keratine Procedures

While there are various forms of collagen procedures, all of them provide injecting the vulnerable places with keratin and jumping into the hair shaft to render hair healthier. As reported previously, you may notice many forms of keratin hair care products offered in the industry, some comprising more toxins than another, and some are carrying less harmful substitutes. Effects of keratin therapy will extend 4 to 6 months. The treatment itself will take about 3 to 5 hours, relying on your hair density and consistency, haircut, and the procedure formula to be used.

Keratin Benefits

  • First of all, it gives frizz-free hair, which can easily last for up to four months
  • It provides credible protection from the sun and hazardous environmental impacts.
  • Hair becomes stronger in general and less vulnerable to various damage.
  • It leaves hair glossy and manageable than before.

Disadvantages of Keratine

It may be sensitive to a particular person due to a significant substance used in this procedure. Not everyone is immune to all chemical ingredients. Since this procedure involves substances so if you are performing DIY, you can damage your scalp and eyes.

If your hairdressers are not professional sufficiently, then they can harm your scalp or face as this procedure requires a great deal of heating and product, so well qualified hairdresser is essential for keratin treatment.

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