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Application closes on 8th February 2019

Who should apply?

Most of our successful graduates had these in common;

  • Interested in becoming their own boss

  • Thinking of quitting formal employment to pursue business

  • Searching for a great business idea they can enjoy growing

  • Need help developing an idea into a real business

  • Have a business but struggling to make it profitable

Prerequisite: None

Tuition: Ksh. 8,000

About the Course

A three weeks coaching trajectory, with 3 half day in-class trainings, approximately 4-6 hours weekly self paced online learning and practical assignments. 

At the end of the entrepreneurship course, you will have identified your passion, passion, your power and your purpose be able to pitch your business idea, that truly fits with who you really are.

You will also have acquired techniques on how to identify a problem or opportunity you like to focus on, and you will be coached on how to bring this all together in a unique business idea. You will also gain a great network of fellow entrepreneurs.

Course Outline

Week 1 - Define who you are as an entrepreneur

Passion - What lights your fire? What do you really care about? What is it that you always loved doing? 

Power - What personal qualities do you have? What skills have you at your disposal?

Purpose - What is the aim of your business besides profit? What change do you want to make?

Week 2 - Identify & define opportunities around you

Problem - Who do you want to reach with your business? How do you get a better understanding of their problems? 

Week 3 - Identify & define solutions that you can provide

Proposition - What solutions can you provide to solve needs of your customer? How can you make your proposition unique? 

Business Pitching - How to tell a great story and pitch your idea?

In between the classes, you will work independently on assignments. Expected time: 4-6 h per week

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