I enjoy the scent of cedarwood. Its moist candy, soothing scent provides a feeling of peace. Cedarwood oil smells not only good but also has many beneficial effects on the skin and hair.
At New Season, we utilize Cedarwood oil in a range of items like skin lotion, anti-dandruff shampoo, conditioner, or even some soaps.

Cedarwood in hair shampoo improves the hair as well as adds a stunning shine and glow. Cedarwood oil always tends to relieve chapped scalp when used in hair shampoos or conditioners, owing to its calming effect. Cedarwood oil has some characteristics that stimulate hair formation and is a good deodorizer. It has elements that appear to activate hair follicles and improve the circulation of the scalp used to control hair loss. You can find many uses of cedarwood oil in this post if you too are affected by hair problems.

Benefits of Cedarwood Oil for Hair

Following are the benefits of cedarwood oil for hair

Mitigates Hair Loss

Alopecia areata which induces the immune function to destroy hair cells, contributing to the loss of hair. Cedarwood is among the essential oils which may enhance hair development. A brief 1998 study published by the Journal of Dermatology Trusted Source revealed that individuals with alopecia areata observed substantial hair growth with frequent scalp rubbing of cedarwood, oregano, lemongrass, and lavender oils, alongside carrier oil. This combination was applied to the scalp over seven months.

Improve Scalp Conditions

Gently massage the scalp with a blend of cedarwood oil and carrier oil can also help minimize and soothe the scratchy, flaky scalp, which may render it useful for the treatment of dandruff and eczema in the scalp. It would also help if you considered applying three to five drops of cedarwood oil explicitly to your hair conditioner or shampoo. After all, a healthy scalp means healthy hair.

Cedarwood Oil for Skin

Cedarwood oil contains anti-inflammatory plus anti-septic effects. This can make it advantageous for skin disorders such as acne. One analysis demonstrates that incorporating cedarwood oil into
conventional acne remedies effectively alleviated and decreased troublesome breakouts. Anecdotal data accompany this observation. Consider using cedarwood oil like an acne remedy by adding just three to four drops to Five tablespoons of non-comedogenic essential oils and rubbing it to your skin for at least 20 minutes only once per week.

You should even apply a few drops of cedarwood oil to the facial scrub. Second, ensure you do a patch screening to make sure you do not have any allergy type. Cedarwood oil can also be useful for other skin disorders. For instance, it can minimize the severity of bruises, treat minor cuts, relieve arthritis, and relieve eczema signs.

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