A 3 barrel curling iron is often classified as the wave iron since it produces the hair's curls. Whether the hair is heavy or light, short and long, this curling iron with triple barrels acts like a charm. The newest re-fitted edition is a shawl curling iron curler hair curler for tourmaline ceramic shawls long hair, 3 barrel long hair waver instant heat heated hot curler deep waver for house/travel/lounge curlers. They're close to the triple barrel curling iron and a number of them.

Cute Hairstyles with 3 Barrel Curling Iron

3 Barrel Curling Iron Hairstyles

Following are the amazing hairstyles you can make using triple barrel curling iron.

Subtle Wave

You may want to keep your hair plain, but a flat iron may render it too rigid and unpleasant. Try using 3 barrels of a curling iron to produce some slight waves for an even more natural appearance. Since blowing or straightening your hair, lift your hair, keeping one layer off. Starting from the bottom sheet, curl wide 2-inch hairpieces at a time, wind them across your curling iron just once.

Everyday Waves

To produce a more textured appearance, easily curl tiny pieces of hair using the same curling iron. Curling one sheet at a time, cover bits of medium size (1-1.5 inch) have all way across the curling iron, keeping just the ends out. Remove the bits from your face in the front and switch the curling path after that.

Beach Wave

In order to build a more realistic, bohemian feel, go for piece-y waves. Start by applying a texturing spray, such as bumbling and bumbling dry-spun finish spray, to your locks. By using the same curling iron, coil tiny pieces of hair (.5-1 inch) that all the way around, keeping the ends off. After retaining the iron as well for 7-12 seconds (depending on the thickness of the hair), undo the hair without unravelling the iron. Slowly draw the iron back to straighten only the ends. If this is too tough, you may still use a flat iron to straighten here the ends for when you're finished.

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