The event: Run UP for Kenya

Join our challenging tower run and run up the 18 floors of the UP Office Building in Amsterdam!

For who: 100 runners from inside and outside the UP Building!
When: 24th of June 2016, starting at 17.00
Where: UP Office Building, Amsterdam
Goal: Raising 45.000 euro to support Vijana Reloaded

Ready to take on the run UP challenge? Awesome!

Want to support the cause? Great!


On the 24th of June 2016, we are hosting a racing event up the stairs of the UP building between teams created by companies in the building. Therefore, this wonderful running event is not only a great way to blow off some steam and participate in severe exercise, it is also a competitive event meant to boost social cohesion within our wonderful building in Amsterdam! After the race that takes place at 17:00 o'clock there is the opportunity to enjoy drinks and barbeque in front of the UP Office building! Let's have some fun together!

You can register as a team of 2 persons. A company can register multiple teams. The race will start at the first floor, specifically right next to the entrance by the toilets. Every 60 seconds, a teams of 2 runners will start to run to the 17th floor. There will be a time registration, The finish time of the team is based on the last person crossing the line, meaning you must work together to win!

Of course, a race would not be a race without rewards, for this same reason we are giving away two fabulous prizes:

  • A trophy containing the name of the company who won the racing event (the fastest team).

  • Two tickets to Kenya for the team that has raised the most money for VIjana Reloaded. Only teams that raise more than 500 euros join this competition. The two tickets can only be given to the winning team, when the total amount raised by all teams exceeds 40,000 euros. So the two tickets are not for the fastest team, but for the most successful team in fundraising. So even when you are the slowest running up the stairs, you can win those tickets to Kenya!!! The winning team will visit Vijana Reloaded in Kenya, to see with their own eyes what is being done with the money we have raised. The team will also vlog/blog about their trip and report back to all the family, friends and colleagues who have donated to the runners.

2. The good cause: Vijana Reloaded in Kenya

In 9 years time, the unemployment rate in Kenya grew from 12% to over 40% today. The majority (70%) is youth between 18-35 years. Youth, "vijana" in Swahili, living in rural areas can't find jobs and seek their luck in Nairobi or migrate elsewhere.

Vijana Reloaded (VR) envisions a future where young women & men (18-30) living in rural Kenya are the driving force behind creating jobs for themselves and their fellow youth, locally. Research showed that the lack of creative entrepreneurial & ICT skills is currently hampering youth to start their own business. VR's mission is to train over 30,000 youth, who create 100,000 jobs by 2020.

To give you a small impression of Vijana Reloaded and Kenya, you can view our mini documentary:


VR’s first training center in Kakamega delivers a proven successful traineeship. Each quarter, since Q1 2015, a new batch of trainees starts for a training of 6 months. On Aug 2015 the first batch graduated. The young entrepreneurs pitched their businesses to representatives of the Kakamega county government and local companies. On that same day, they raised impressive sales leads. Hence, Vijana Reloaded does not only coach them to write a business plan; they actually are in business ready to sell their products and services to clients! 

ProPortion Foundation (non-profit) and ICS (non-profit) initiated Vijana Reloaded two years ago. ProPortion Foundation has local staff in Kenya but also in Amsterdam: at the UP Office building on the 2nd floor, as strategic partner of Wittenborg University Amsterdam.

As part of this strategic partnership, students of Wittenborg University Amsterdam recently visited Vijana Reloaded in Kenya and teamed up with the Vijana’s to challenge and improve their business ideas. This has led to a great new partnership, where the international students from Wittenborg are connected to Kenyan young entrepreneurs to build international relationships and strengthen each others businesses. The cultural exchange was a lifetime experience. 

Why do we raise money for Vijana Reloaded?

With this sponsor event, we are raising money for Vijana Reloaded to set-up 2 more training centers in rural Kenya in the coming year. This is part of the scale-up strategy, where Vijana Reloaded envisions a dense network of training centers throughout rural Kenya in the coming 5 years. With your support, you will help Vijana Reloaded to scale up their great work that offers youth in Kenya the opportunity to create 100,000 jobs in the coming 5 years!

3. How to join and start raising money to win 2 tickets to Kenya

If you like the fun of the race and also want to raise money for Vijana Reloaded, then you can register as a team of two persons via this link:

We have made it easy for you to raise money via an online fundraising platform called “”. Although you run as a team, each runner can easily create a personal online profile for fundraising which you can easily share via email or facebook to family and friends. When they go to your profile, then can read the story and pick a donation amount of their own choice and pay via ideal, credit card, paypal and more. The money will then be send directly to the ProPortion Foundation who fully allocate the funding to Vijana Reloaded in Kenya.

The team that raises the most money wins 2 tickets to Kenya to visit the Vijana Reloaded training centers and report what is being done with the total money raised.

As soon as you have signed up, you will receive instruction on how to set-up your online fundraising profile.