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About us


About us


Vijana Reloaded offers

  1. Entrepreneurship training and

  2. Business-in-a-box concepts to youth.

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The VR centers create the basis for scaling Business-in-a-Box models

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  • We envision that each county will have a VR training center. VR center will be located at city center of largest town/city per county

  • VR training center is a physical space where youth will be trained in cohorts of 15 youth by local trainers. These trainers run their center as a self sustainable business, and are VR franchisees

  • The infrastructure of these VR centers become an asset on itself: we have access to millions of rural customers through a network of entrepreneurial youth.

  • The bigger our footprint of VR centers, the more attractive we become for technology providers that aim to reach out rural customers through micro-entrepreneurial youth.


Entrepreneurship training

  • Each local VR center offers 5 services: ‘Explore your dream’ (Intro training), ‘Make it happen’ (6 mnths entrepreneurship training), Training on business-in-a-box concepts, market places, master classes.

  • Our services are interlinked to inspire, train and coach youth to succeed in business.

  • Traction: 60 youth businesses incubated

Business-in-a-Box development

  • We define a business-in-a-Box concept as a pre-cooked business that youth can replicate.

  • We embrace Human Centered Design as a process of gaining a deepunderstanding of people’s needs, desires and challenges.

We offer 4 services: 1) Rapid market assessments for new technologies that impact rural communities, 2) Full human-centered design process to design, prototype and pilot B-i-B concepts, 3) Recruitment and training of youth entrepreneurs that fit the required profile for the particular Business-in-a-Box concept and 4) Business coaching & 1st line technical support to youth entrepreneurs who operate business-in-a-box concepts

Traction: AgriVijana and VisionVijana as first two business-in-a-box models currently in development.