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Vijana Reloaded will soon become an independent entity registered in Kenya.

Meanwhile, Vijana Reloaded is a program under ICS Africa, which is a Kenyan-registered NGO in Kenya. Hereby the Certificate of Registration of ICS in Kenya.   


Lead partner





ProPortion has a team of well-experienced social business developers. ProPortion is active in incubating social ventures with and for the Base-of-Pyramid, in Asia as well as in Africa. It embraces and applies design-thinking and lean start up methods as key elements in the business development process.




ICS has extensive experience and expertise in working with local communities, government as well as local and international partners (public and private) in a participatory, civic driven way. ICS is implementing multiple youth empowerment projects in Africa and Asia and has been working in Western Kenya since 2006.


Nailab is a business incubator in Nairobi, that contributes to the curriculum and offers growth opportunities to VR graduates. 



Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University has the mandate to certify the Vijana Reloaded  curriculum in Kenya. 



Wittenborg University is key partner in the 'buddy' program between international business students of Wittenborg and the Vijana Reloaded trainees. Besides that, Wittenborg is key partner in the student-to-student crowdfunding campaign for Vijana Reloaded.


External financiers till date:

Learn4Work is a program of the Dutch government


Koornzaayer Foundation

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Lydia Munikah (based in Kakamega, Kenya)

Head Trainer and responsible for trainee recruitment
Mobile: +254 725790184
Nairobi office: +254 (20) 2063015/17/18

Address in Kakamega: 

Vijana Reloaded Training Centre in Kakamega
Mwalimu Centre (Kateco), Kakamega town, Kenya


Thomas Schuurmans (based in Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Responsible for Strategy, Business Development and partnerships
Mobile: +31 6 22 66 00 22 (Netherlands)